Mobile Programmatic, the next frontier of mobile advertising

By Kelly Rogan, on 10 June 2015

Mobile programmatic is the next frontier of mobile advertising that marketing managers have to break. According to a study by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau's), more than three quarters of marketers consider this new comprehensive approach to buy important, but the numbers tell us that only 27% opt for this current system. Considering that mobile advertising is growing every year and the expected investment for 2016 will be 20 billion dollars. Isn’t it about time to start considering using this new technology?


'Programmatic' is a comprehensive system for buying and selling digital advertising that uses automation technology and allows segmentation levels never before imagined. With this technology you can collect user information according to their profile, search history and shopping, social networking, or the type of content and news that they consult. So it manages to offer the customer personalized advertising that takes into account:

  • The context
  • The preferences of the person
  • Displayed at the exact moment when the consumer is susceptible to it

The factor that created more doubts among marketers to use this technology on mobile devices is that they do not accept cookies. This prevented the collection of necessary information to adapt digital advertising to the client and programmatic made little sense in this environment. But things have changed and the problem was solved!

A variety of solutions have emerged to resolve the issue of cookies, which did not allow programmatic orientation on phones and tablets. The examples of these include, login of the customers, Apps SDK (Software Development Kits) and web behavior data on mobile phones, etc. Uniting all of this with the geographical location and we have the ideal recipe to willingly control mobiles.

It's almost a sure bet that next year when the IAB does the study entitled "Marketers Perceptions of Mobile Advertising," the percentage of marketing directors who have bought ads for smartphones and tablets will be much higher.

Brands that have already had great success with programmatic advertising on computers cannot afford to ignore mobile devices if they want to reach their customers. Next year it is expected that the number of people who have a smart phone or smartphone in the world will be 2 billion. Moreover, it is no secret that we are spending more time on our phones and other devices. So companies can intelligently collect data on the behavior of buyers and give them the best advertising at the best time.

The programmatic mobile will amaze us all in a few years, both users of the intelligence advertising and marketers for the information obtained and the good results in the conversion ratio.

Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer.