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6 fascinating facts about Mobile Advertising

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By Kelly Rogan, on 25 June 2015

More and more people have smart devices. These are now playing a crucial role to increase traffic and sales in online business or e-commerce. So much that mobile advertising visits to a store can increase by 80% within 24 hours after the first exposure to the announcement and during the six days following the average of visits it is still higher than usual, up to 18%. This reaffirms the Mobile Ads are a tool with a very high power of attraction.


This conclusion comes from the study of Mobile Audience Insights Reports 2015 by NinthDecimal.

  • 35% of sales are made by mobile: In 2014 35% purchases we made through the smartphone, when a year before it was only 23%. The remainder is made in the physical store (47%) or through a computer (18%). This shows that marketers have to respond to this increase in users who are increasingly using their mobile to make purchases.
  • 54% of online purchases are through Smartphone and Tablet: The PC is no longer the main source of online transactions. 34% of users prefer to use their smartphone and 20% of users prefer to use the tablet. Comfort has won the game and the technology that is easy to carry and lightweight has become the favorite of consumers.
  • Loc Rich-Media (not video) is the most used type of Ads: 51% of marketers prefer rich media advertising media (no video). These allow greater interaction and the option to include text, pictures and audiovisual. They can be deployed, float or spread down (peel-down ad), you can also access the accumulated audience behavior metrics.
  • Consumers spend on average 28.8 seconds on a Mobile Ad: Where more time is spent on entertainment listings with an average of 46.8 seconds and in the retail sector with an average of 38.2 seconds.
  • 57% of advertisers bet on mobile advertising based on offers.

Data that a few months ago could be interpreted as mere speculations is now a true statement: Mobile Ads are now a crucial and essential part where you have to invest part of the efforts of the digital marketing strategy, especially if the objectives are on obtaining figures on an upward trajectory.

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Kelly Rogan