Google’s Micro Moments: What They Are and How To Respond

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By Kelly Rogan, on 15 May 2015

Today, our customers live part of their daily experiences through the smartphone. They are now used to checking what time they have an appointment with the doctor or to share a photograph of a concert they went to on their Facebook profile. Google has called these mobile experience moments Micro Moments.


91% of people, when preforming a job, consult their phone for half of the job or for some of the tasks. This is motivated by an instantaneous need to solve a problem. The micro moments last few seconds, but they are lived intensely, because they arise from a strong feeling of need.

For example, a micro-moment is when we cook an omelet and go get the eggs in the fridge have also discovered a can of spinach and decided to search in the smartphone how we can make an omelet with spinach. When we consult what time it is, since we're in the middle of an exam and want to control the time we have left. Or when customers are in the midst of a purchase online or in the store and they decide to consult recommendations on their mobile before making any purchase decisions.

Google ranks the kind of moments that require an instant response according to these four criteria:

  • What I want to know
  • Where I want to go
  • What I want to do
  • What I want to buy

Whichever marketing strategy must take into account these occasions, as they may be opportunities to receive a “Like” or to consult the content of high interest generated by our company- native advertising. To be a quick reference, our message should be brief and unique. The success of our brand will be determined by whether we understand the needs of our customers in these micro moments.

Kelly Rogan