IGTV & Instagram Live for Brands
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How can you use Instagram's most dynamic tools in your social media marketing strategy?


How to include IGTV and Instagram Live in your digital marketing strategy!

IGTV and Instagram Live are Instagram's most powerful tools, yet they are often underutilized by brands. This ebook includes a complete step by step guide that explains how to use Instagram TV (IGTV) and Instagram Live to your brand's advantage. Generate entertaining and relevant content that connects with and engages your audience. 


The goal of this ebook is to help you develop a strong Instagram strategy using these two dynamic tools within Instagram's platform. Learn how to effectively incorporate IGTVs and Lives in your brand's Instagram account while also taking into account your buyer persona and audience's funnel phase.

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What You'll Find in This Ebook:

We have organized this ebook into two main sections, one dedicated to IGTV and the other to Instagram Live. Within these sections we will cover several different points, including:
  • An explanation of each tool.
  • How to use each tool, step by step.
  • Best practices, tips and tricks.

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