FREE Template: Create Copy for Your Google Ads Campaigns

    This template helps you centralize your keywords and ad groups and remain within Google Ads' recommended guidelines for headlines and ad descriptions. 

    Template for Creating Copy for Your Google Ads Campaigns

    Creating Google Ads Campaigns Is Easier With Our Template!

    Google Ads is an important tool in Search Engine Marketing. It can help you get highly qualified traffic, increase the visibility of your brand, and get conversions. 


    We've created a downloadable template for you to create copy for your Google Ads campaigns in advance. We've also included a character calculator so you can easily stay within Google's required limit. 


    Design your ad groups, headlines, and descriptions for each keyword.


    This excel template will help you create your copy as well as optimize it for search engines.



    Template Google Ads Copy English



    Why Should You Use This Template? 

    • You will be to quickly determine if your Google Ads copy is optimized correctly 

    • You can create as many ad groups as you want

    • At a glance you will be able to visualize:

      • All of your important keywords

      • The ad copy and descriptions associated with each keyword

      • How many characters your copy contains 

    Download our FREE template to quickly create copy for your Google Ads!