The Secrets of Viral Marketing
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Discover the secrets of Viral Marketing in our FREE ebook. This ebook includes the fundamentals of viral marketing, the 6 ingredients of all viral campaigns, guides to viral video and social media marketing, trendjacking, and 2 case studies.

Secrets of Viral Marketing Hardcover


Uncover the secrets to creating a viral marketing campaign!

Viral marketing is a dream for many marketers, but it can be tricky. How can you make your brand go viral? Why do some things go viral and others don't? And why should you go viral?


In this free ebook, The Secrets of Viral Marketing, we're answering those questions and more!


Topics include:

  • What Is Viral Marketing
  • Ingredients of Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • Social Media Viral Marketing
  • Viral Video Marketing
  • Trendjacking
  • 2 In-Depth Case Studies
  • And countless examples of viral marketing throughout the book! 

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