Digital Marketing Trends for 2022: Free Training Material

    Today’s digital environment is evolving quickly as new developments in technology are constantly emerging. Stay informed on the latest trends in digital marketing so that you can include them in your strategy and be ahead of the curve! 

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    We recently launched our E-book titled: 222 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2022 and our YouTube video where we explain 10 of the most noteworthy trends:



    Here is our YouTube video. In our free training material, we will explain 30 additional trends that will shape the future of digital marketing this year.


    What Will You Learn?

    • How the digital marketing plan has evolved in this hyper digitalized and post-pandemic world
    • Digital investment trends for 2021 and 2022
    • Digital marketing trends in Inbound Marketing & Content Marketing, SEO, SEM, Ecommerce, Web Design & UX,  Social Media & Social Ads, Native & Programmatic Advertising, and more 


    Training Material Details

    • Format: Private digital training through Inbound Explained, our YouTube channel. You must register to access the content.
    • Duration: 40 minutes 
    • Cost: Free


    Learn From Subject Matter Experts

    • David Tomás. @davidtomas, CEO and co-founder of Cyberclick and an expert in digital marketing.
    • Rhea Sawla, International Digital Marketing Strategist at Cyberclick. Specialist in digital marketing and crafting digital strategies.

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