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Are you thinking about buying HubSpot?

Hello! We want to help you decide if HubSpot is the tool you need to achieve your digital marketing goals. It's a great solution for inbound marketing and automation marketing, helping your brand grow, grow, grow!

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What is HubSpot? 

HubSpot is a platform that allows you to automate marketing, sales, and service processes. It is especially useful for deploying inbound marketing strategies, making it easier to have control of several marketing and sales actions in one place, instead of having to use multiple platforms.

The ultimate goal of Inbound Marketing is to help attract visitors, turn them into leads, and finally into customers. But this style of communication is different - the goal is to ensure it offers value, is non-intrusive, and puts the consumer at the heart of everything.

What is the relationship between Inbound Marketing and HubSpot?

In our experience, HubSpot and Inbound Marketing work best together on the following types of projects or needs:

  • 1. Medium to long sales processes (B2B and B2C)

  • 2. Offer valuable content

  • 3. Increase web traffic

  • 4. Increase lead recruitment 

  • 5. Discover and contact interesting sales opportunities

  • 6. Manage and close sales opportunities

  • 7. Multiple centralized functions in one tool

  • 8. Technical support and tools

What products does HubSpot offer?

HubSpot's offer is based on 5 different products, the main features of which are explained below.



HubSpot's newest product helps you manage content more professionally, faster, and with tools that help you scale goals.

CMS Hub provides flexible content management software for marketing professionals, powerful tools for developers, and provides customers with a reliable, personalized experience.

Its most popular features include the drag and drop editor, SEO recommendations and optimization options, and customizable website themes.



Hubspot CRM

This is perhaps HubSpot's most popular product, as it is completely free. Therefore, its a good way to get familiar with everything HubSpot offers.

HubSpot's CRM gives you everything you need to organize, monitor, and nurture relationships with your sales opportunities and current customers.

Its most important features are contact and business lists and task management.


Marketing Hub

As the name implies, this HubSpot software manages marketing so that you and your team can work on generating inbound marketing campaigns to get more leads.

Marketing Hub includes everything you need to turn your visitors into leads and initiate actions with them, such as various reporting features, landing pages, and forms.

Features include sales opportunity generation, marketing automation, and analytics.


Sales Hub

Sales Hub represents the sales side of the platform, with software that allows you to visualize the stages of your sales process and what each contact is in. You can assign tasks to other people on your team, organize business meetings, automate repetitive tasks, and ultimately close sales faster.

Its most popular features include email tracking, scheduling meetings, and email automation.


Service Hub

Service Hub is the customer support software, through which you can manage customer requests, provide feedback, and manage the entire relationship. This is an essential part of delighting your customers, and inspiring them to become loyal brand ambassadors.

The most useful features are tickets, customer feedback, and knowledge base.





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