BOFU (Bottom of the Funnel)

The BOFU stage is the lowest part of the conversion funnel. Users who are genuinely interested in your product or service are the ones who ultimately arrive here

The BOFU stage is the lowest part of the conversion funnel and is comprised of users who have already considered all of their available options within the market segment and still remain interested in a company. This could also include, however, consumers who don’t yet have a relationship with a company yet remain confident in their purchase or short-term hire.

In the BOFU stage, within the Funnel Advertising Methodology, we begin to make ourselves known to consumers through self-promotion. Due to the close proximity of the final conversion, this provides a much higher chance that a client will yield a conversion.  

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The procedures best suited for this stage are:

  • SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an advertising technique which improves a company’s website with the goal of improving the positioning of organic search results on search engines.
  • Non-branded SEM.  SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is an advertising technique which allows us to advertise ourselves via paid ads on search engine results, thus increasing our overall visibility online (ads are qualified as “pay-per-click”). Particularly, non-branded SEM is characterized by not specifying the brands of to-be-sold products; these ads are much more general.
  • Branded SEM. Branded SEM is odd in that it is SEM which makes reference to specific brands of an advertised product. Therefore, this type of advertising focuses only on the users who are looking for a particular product.
  • Social Retargeting – Purchase (BOFU Stage). In Social Retargeting, one tries to impact users via social media whom have previously visited our website and/or used our app.
  • Social Lookalike. Working with similar audiences (e.g. Facebook and Instagram) allows us to impact/act upon our users with a very well-defined profile, similar to those who are already familiar with us.
  • Email RemarketingEmail remarketing consists of detecting both when a subscribed users visits our website and what ‘actions’ they carry out during their visit. Afterwards, we send them a personalized email based on what the user did on their website visit.
  • Remarketing or Retargeting Acquisition (purchase has been made). Remarketing looks to impact users who have previously visited our website. Specifically, Remarketing in the BOFU stage is focused on people who have already made a purchase on our website.
  • Price Comparison Site Affiliation. Price comparison site affiliation campaigns are comprised of showing and comparing offers and prices of different web pages within the same category or product which we are advertising.
  • Cash-Back Affiliation. This consists of partnering with a website or company, publishing their ads on our website and earning a commission for each click that they get. For Cash-back, it is not just the website/company that gets a commission, but users also get to partake in the commissions (money, discounts, etc.). In this way, the partnered company/website ensures a large number of visits.
  • Coupon Affiliation. This only differs from the previous type of affiliation in that the “commission” a user (consumer) receives is in the form of a coupon from the partnered company