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    TikTok Ads for Businesses: How to Advertise on the Platform

    Learn what's new on TikTok Ads and how brands can advertise successfully on this platform. Join us as we discuss how companies can adapt their social media advertising strategies to TikTok's various formats.

    Free Course - TikTok Ads for Companies



    What Will You Learn?

    TikTok is constantly changing so it is important to understand the trends and changes that can make advertising on this platform successful. Learn how to master advertising on this platform, which is Instagram's strongest competitor! 


    You might be wondering: 

    • What are TikTok ads and what are the main formats?
    • Why should your businesses be on TikTok?
    • What are the main TikTok trends that will shape the next few years?
    • What's new on TikTok?

    Register for our course and we will provide important information about advertising on TikTok and the opportunities it offers for companies and brands of all sizes.


    Course Contents

    • What TikTok Ads for businesses are

    • Why your business should be active on TikTok

    • Types of ads, formats, and content on TikTok

    • TikTok trends

    • What's new on the platform



    • Format: Free training video through Inbound Explained, our YouTube channel. You must register to access the content.

    • Duration: 35 minutes 


    About the Hosts 

    • David Tomas, CEO and Co-founder of Cyberclick.
    • Rhea Sawla, International Digital Marketing Strategist at Cyberclick. Specialist in digital marketing and crafting digital strategies.

    Register for our free course to learn how your business can grow with TikTok Ads!