Buyer Persona Pack (free download!)

Define and design your buyer persona using our free interview questions, data template, and ebook.

Buyer Persona Template Example


Create your Buyer Persona today! 

Defining your buyer personas is the first step of your inbound marketing strategy, so you have to ensure you do it right. This is why we created this downloadable pack to help you create your Buyer Personas.


This pack includes three parts:

  1. An excel sheet with a list of prepared questions that will help you gather relevant data about your potential customer

  2. A blank template where you can input all of the data

  3. A free e-book to help guide you along the process


Excel Image Buyer Persona


Use the questionnaire (which can be opened using Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel) to ask the right questions, including personal and sociodemographic information, their behavior, and their preferred communication styles and ways to receive marketing and sales information.


Buyer Persona Tempate


Using the template, you can add in all of the relevant data to conceptualize your buyer persona, including adding a picture, name, ages, demographic information, goals and pain points, and more. You can edit the template using a photo or PDF editor, like Canva or InDesign.


Benefits of Using a Buyer Persona Template

  • Clearly organize your potential customer's relevant information
  • Ask the right questions when interviewing your contacts
  • Have a clear vision of your potential client's needs and anticipate them 
  • You can use it as a guide for the segmentations of your online marketing campaigns
  • Guides your content creation strategy 
  • Save time when designing your marketing plan 


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