Advertising Audit 

How Cyberclick can help you 

In our experience, an advertising audit can mean a ‘before and after’ in regards to your results.


Therefore, here at Cyberclick, we analyze the following elements found in your Facebook and Google campaigns so that, later, we can create a report that facilitates progressive improvements of both the work and the objectives.

  • Investment efficiency. We take a look at your current investments in each channel to see if the budgetary allocations are appropriate or if there should be increases or decreases; you don’t want to be stuck behind your competitors.  
  • Campaign evaluations. We analyze the performance of each campaign by ad group, copy, image, video or keyword. In doing this, you can improve, among other metrics, your CPC, CTR and ROI.
  • Final report. We prepare a complete and in depth report in which we identify your campaign’s strong points and the potential points of improvement. Furthermore, we include recommendations on topics such as reallocation of investments, cancelation of campaigns and the strengthening of others, copy improvements, messages and the selection of keyword groups.
  • Audience segmentation. We propose ways of improving the segmentation of your target market in order to improve both the impact your content has and your audiences’ CTR.
  • Post-audit follow-up. If you'd like, you can request a post-audit follow-up and/or the application of the guidelines given in the report from our team of experts at Cyberclick.

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