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Learning English in the office

By Kelly Rogan, on 17 April 2015

As you already know, all of us that form part of the Cyberclick team work day to day to be the happiest company in the world. And to be so, you first need to find and define those things that will make us happier, otherwise we would never be able to achieve our goal. It is for this reason that at the beginning of each trimester, the whole team gets together and discusses our expectations and goals for the next three months and what things we are able to do to improve over the previous months.

In recent trimester meetings, there was a reoccurring theme among all of us: one of the things that would help us to be happier is to devote more time to improve our skills with foreign languages, especially English. An objective, a personal priority, but one that became collective and we’ve been on working in recent trimesters.

After trying different methods (schools, group classes, etc.) we decided that it was time to go further. The decision was to incorporate a native speaker in the team with whom we were to interact with in English. That is to say, to integrate English “in the house” to have contact with the language throughout our daily routine.

And so arrived Kelly, a young American with a degree in International Business, that helps us with generating content in this language and gives us English classes (individual and group). This is the chronicle of her arrival:

“When you come to a country completely different than your own you are faced with choosing between two options, to maintain your own lifestyle, or adapt yourself to the customs of the local people. After moving to Barcelona I have chosen both, and little by little have created a mixed lifestyle. This mixed American/Spanish lifestyle translates easily into the workplace. From the languages I speak to the hours I eat, my culture and experiences have shaped me into a global minded person intrigued by the differences in the world.

The methodology I have used to implement classes and improve English levels in the workplace is based on my own experiences learning the Spanish language. During my two years studying Spanish in and out of classes I learned the only way to become fluent was to integrate the new language into every aspect of my life. This idea is the basis for how I interact in the workplace and how I setup classes. From continually repeating the “words of the day”, to easy conversations over coffee, to group discussions and debates over a wide variety of topics, everything I do at the workplace serves the purpose of enhancing fluency in English to increase business possibilities.”

May we make the most out of this great experience that has been given to us at Cyberclick!


Kelly Rogan

International Business Developer and Digital Marketer.