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Cyberclick Retreat: Celebrating successes and marking objectives for 2015-2016

By Cyberclick, on 7 September 2015

This week the entire team of Cyberclick conducted our annual meeting outside the company: Retreat 2015-2016. We changed out the office for a more secluded and relaxed atmosphere for three days, from August 31 to September 2, to define what the objectives of the next business year are and to discuss different topics: corporate values, inner workings of the company, customers and suppliers, among others. Also to celebrate the successes achieved during the previous year.
The site chosen was a rural house or country house, not far from Girona (Spain). Of course, with Internet connection, since the concept of "live isolated" is not fought with staying connected to the world.
The Retreat is a group meeting that takes place with 3 purposes:
  • Define the objectives of the New Year and discuss important issues.
  • Dedicate high quality and quantity of time to the team.
  • Celebrate the end of the previous year and successes.
Before beginning the retreateveryone in the team helps to plant issues on which we need to discuss over the days we are in the retreat. These are issues that in the day to day of the company are not priorities, but nevertheless important, and the need to raise them and solve them at some point. For this reason, they are often left for this annual event conducted in late summer.
In addition, a calendar with the corresponding schedules is designed. For we all know when time will be devoted to work, meals and entertainment. The organization and respect of the schedule is paramount.
During working hours it is essential to define what the objectives of the next 12 months will be, always emphasizing one over the other. This will be our inspiring axis internally and the entire team devoted time, energy and creativity to get it.
  • Quality time: Quality time is effective time that all team members and the CEO allocate at certain times to work: one-to-one or group meetings, which are resolute and to the point. Quality time is usually limited and concentrated, which seeks not get out of the agenda and talk about things that do not add value. For example, spending 15 minutes of quality time with each employee.
  • Quantity time: Spending three days to live with your teammates helps you to increase the sense of belonging and increase motivation; you get to know each other better in an environment outside the office and work together while living together (organization, food and cleaning). During the hours of leisure, entertainment and trivial conversations it helps to meet the person behind each professional. 
The Retreat is an annual award that the group itself is awarded for its successes. Thus it values ​​the dedication and individual effort of everyone together.
Certainly there are a few hours of work each day, but the rest of the time you can relax watching the landscape of plowed fields, swimming in the pool, running to prepare for our next competition or organizing a Hawaiian party with karaoke included - where singing becomes great fun.






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