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Licenciada en Publicidad y RRPP por la Universidad de Barcelona y Project Manager certificada por McGill University en Montreal, Canadá. Experiencia en Marketing digital, comunicación y creación de contenidos a nivel internacional. Fundadora de la empresa Margot Blanxart. _______________________________________________________________________ Degree in Advertising and PR from the University of Barcelona and Project Manager certified by McGill University in Montreal, Canada. Experience in digital marketing, communication and content creation internationally. Founder of the company Margot Blanxart.

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Tags: Publicidad Online & Publicidad Digital By Alba Fraile, on 17 May 2016

Achieve Your Marketing Objectives Through PR

Many CMOs focus their marketing strategies on performance marketing actions such as emailing and social ads and often forget about Public Relations. PR is crucial when working on building product awareness, rebranding strategies, creating interest an...Read more

Tags: Twitter By Alba Fraile, on 28 Apr 2016

10 ways CMOs can use Twitter to reach their Marketing Objectives

Chief Marketing Officers are often asked to achieve a large amount of different marketing objectives simultaneously such as customer retention, increase brand awareness, improve customer satisfaction and profitability among others. Very often social ...Read more

Tags: Twitter, Digital Marketing By Alba Fraile, on 01 Mar 2016

Twitter Ads vs. Facebook Ads: The advantages of each advertising platform

As social networks go on creating advertising solutions, us marketers face a dilemma which becomes increasingly more complicated: we do not want to miss out on any chances to reach our targets, but we have to optimize our advertising budget to the be...Read more

Tags: Online Marketing & Digital Marketing By Alba Fraile, on 19 Feb 2016

6 digital marketing trends that are owning 2016

Heads up! We've updated our website with the Top Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2020. Check it our here!Read more