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5 books for summer success

By Berta Campos, on 3 August 2015

In Cyberclick we believe that teamwork is essential and we like to read books that make us grow as people, contribute ideas and help us to reach our objectives together. We think this is an ideal way to catch up on reading and in September be more inspired than ever. So today we recommend five successful books for the summer, which seem essential. Happy reading!
Crucial Conversations (Joseph Grenny)
Good communication is essential to lead a team to success. Today we have all kinds of means to communicate, but when dealing with complicated issues nothing substitutes for conversation. However, we tend to avoid the most difficult because they make us uncomfortable. Therefore, in this book Joseph Grenny teaches us how addressing key to the success of our project well and resolve to take action.
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team (Patrick Leoncini)
Teamwork is essential to be aware of the most common problems and malfunctions to prevent and resolve them. In this book, Patrick Leoncini, teaches us the top five dysfunctions of a team: lack of trust, fear of conflict, lack of commitment, lack of accountability and inattention to results. Through an entertaining fable, we learn how to overcome the ravages these dysfunctions.
A coin flip (Jeffrey Rosenthal)
When making decisions we often do not have all the information, so hit seems "just luck". However, in this book Jeffrey S. Rosenthal teaches us that we have much more power over the random than we think and how we can use science and mathematics to put luck on our side. Success is in our hands!
Reason and emotion (Ferran Salmurri)
Learning to manage our emotions is a pending issue for many and a topic in which humans have little progress in the last thousand years. Therefore, the clinical psychologist, Ferran Salmurri, proposes to help manage emotions for our own benefit rather than let ourselves be enslaved by them. This is an essential book not only for success but also for happiness.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People (Stephen Covey)
This is an indispensable classic. In this book Stephen Covey teaches us to change our team, starting with ourselves, through the practice of seven simple habits that make us better people and better managers.
Ready to take your team to success? What are your favorite books on this subject?

Berta Campos

Expert in Digital Advertising & Digital Marketing.